Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine Day Give Away

Hello all, hope you had a great week and I hope that tomorrow will be a day filled of LOVE, Happiness and Joy. But if you do not have someone to share this day with don't lose hope in LOVE. Love will always find us but we can't close our hearts we will not be able to see it right in front of us. So on this day that has meant so much to me. A day that I used for a special person to let him know how much I LOVE him I am going to give away a heart plaque but you have to do some work. On Friday I will announce who won.

This is what you have to do post your love story on the comments and
the person with the best love story wins and I will be posting a picture if the plaque later tonight!
LOVE, PEACE and HOPE  <3 <3 


  1. I used to go salsa dancing every Thursday at Cafe Sevilla. When I met this man, who really danced awesome! I didnt go back for a whole month. I went back (on my birthday) and I saw that man again. I saw him and said HEY ITS MY BDAY!!! and he said well, let's celebrate then! and we started dancing. He would just dance with me, no one else. Later, we fell in love and married. He told me that the first time he saw me, he fell madly in love. He would go back each Thursday to see if I showed up. The day I showed up (on my birthday) he had already decided that if I didn't show up, he was never coming back!! He was heartbroken for that whole month I didnt show up. (awwwwwww!)

  2. On Valentine's Day 39 years ago I started going out with my love. I was in 10th grade and he was 12th grade. We dated for 8 years before we got married...not that he's slow but we both finished college and new what we wanted to do with our lives. Though our live together we had struggles but not with each other,we've always leaned on one another and we survive whatever is in our path. From losing our son to finacial troubles because for the bad economy we've stayed together and are truely happy. One thing I didn't mention is that we work together, we have our business together and we see each other pretty much 24/7~~~and we are happy!!!

  3. I am posting this for someone that wants to stay anonymous. It is a great story and really wanted to share it. Brought tears to my eyes. And it is great to have a guys sharing his story. :)

    ******My wife literally saved my life.

    In 1995 I dropped out of high school ( my parents didn't know for a whole year) and started using and selling drugs galore. I was in and out of jail and in denial I had a drug problem. My family was always there to help me out but it didn't work because I didnt want to help myself. You feel me? This went on for years, until I met my beautiful future wife. She had a daughter with a Lowlife ( like I was) who was never in their daughters life. She told me of the physical and mental abuse she put up with when they gave a chance at being a family but she finally just left. Made my heart hurt for her. She was too nice of a person. Too sweet. And she believed in me. I didn't want to let her go...I knew what kind of man I could become for them two. And I was ready to stop my bullshit and become something. She encouraged me to get my GED, she went with me to narcotics anonymous meetings and most of all gave me a reason to change my life around. Her daughter. I haven't looked back since.I'm a college graduate now, in the process of becoming a sheriff. We married on 11-10-09 . We're expecting a baby on May 1st 2012. Life couldn't be better. That's my story.

  4. It will be 5 years ago this july that i met the love of my life. It was one of the first nights i had been out in a long time due to a really bad abusive relationship that i was in and really wasnt looking into meeting anyone. well so on this night it was actually to see my friends rockabilly band play that i went to highschool play at the local dive bar. and it just so happened there was a guy who it was his first night out in a long time as well, just sitting there drinking his scotch and i knew i had to meet him . It wasn't until my friends and I were all outside that my friend bummed a cigarette from him and that was my chance and for the rest of the night we chatted and danced and when the night ending we exchanged numbers.

    The thing that makes this special is on our first date , a day prior i had to go to the emergency room and get 6 stitches in my nose, so despite my black eyes and swollen nose and stitches
    we still had a amazing night.

    A few months later he lost his job , his ex wife came back from her deployment and him and his daughter had nowhere to go, so no questions we packed up all his stuff and we all the 3 of us moved in together and to this day we are still happily living together and suppoting each other through all the struggles