Friday, February 3, 2012

San Diego Artist and Vendors Facebook pages

There are thousands of pages on Facebook with so many great artist, vendors, and people.
Here are some my my favorite pages. All from San Diego CA Artist and vendors.

La Vida Mia
Has a great collection of aprons. With a wide variety of fabrics you can find something you will love or love to give as a gift.
She also has tank tops, Dresses, and Vintage handbags.
Swell Boutique
 Has a great collection of hair accessories as well as some pin striped vintage goods she upcycles.

Lady Bug Naturals
 Has a great selection on  health and beauty. She has Vegan Tattoo gloss, face mask, lip balms Chakra Mist, soap truffles, and body butter just to name a few. And they are all natural made by her.
Brown Sugar Creations
 Carman has a colorful and unique style to her jewelry. Made with a variety of materials there is no telling what she will come up with but it is going to be beautiful that is for sure!
 Makes masks from steal pipes. These one of a kind pieces are a great to have. Different but so beautiful!
Street Heart
Has a little bit of everything. She is an artist makes clothing, jewelry and I love Chicano park t-shirts, just to make a few of the things she does.
Wink Artisans
 Is a award winning jewelry designer. Her pieces are inspired by Dia de los Muertos, Sacred hearts, Frida, and La Virgen de Guadalupe
These are some of the great artist and Vendors San Diego has to offer. There are so many more I will be showing some love too.
Please go by their pages and enjoy all the great things they create. Let's keep artist and small business thriving!

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