Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Facebook Giveaway!!

I have been trying to find a way to start doing some giveaways and thanks to La Ubertina Crafts I found the perfect way to plunge in. I was at 71 like yesterday at 11:00am and now I am at 86 likes. I am so excited I think that by the end of the week I will have my 100 likes. I want to have a month or every two month or something like that but I see that this is a great way to get myself out there.
I am hoping that I might get some idea from you all as to some stuff that I can do or try. I don't want to just be giving things away and not getting to sell anything. I hope this will be the thing I need to kick the door down and have my first Etsy sale and just have it catch on from there.
I am really glad that I am meeting such great people that are willing to help and support. I have so many plans and really want to be working from home to be here for my dad so I have to give it my all. Times are hard but I know that something great must be just around the corner if all this is happening. God does not take a way to leave you empty handed it takes it away to open your hands for something bigger!
Please send me any ideas that would be so so great! I need to work on more things guys can use any ideas would be appreciated. I am working on some cuff links I just hope they are not to big.
Just need to change it to I can do it!!!