Thursday, March 31, 2011

What to Blog about?

This is only my second day and I am trying to figure out in what direction I want this blog to go. I have read a few things on what I should write about since this blog is linked to my shop, but it just does not fit who I am. I don't want to find a topic research it and then create a blog on that. Who really has the time to do that? I have a full time job, come home cook, make sure my daughter is squared away ,go to my daily Zumba class, and work on my art. I need to sleep at some point in the day.

So I came to the conclusion that I am going to take about what I named the blog. La Vida de La Chica Boutique (The life of La Chica Boutique for those of you who do not understand :).

Was feeling really under the weather today so I stayed home from work. But I did go to Michael's to get a few things for my mom's 60th and for what I need to finally get my stuff up this weekend. I am so scared and so excited all rolled into one! Guess we are going to have to what and see what happens. :)

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